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About the Artist

RICK GOTTSCHALK was trained in the law and has provided legal services to the City of Danbury, Connecticut, for the past twenty-five years. However, as he says, "you have to get out from behind your desk once in a while." And what better reason is there than to make a few photographs? Rick has been taking and making photographs for over forty years. His award winning work has been displayed at local galleries, restaurants, art shows and, of course, at Danbury City Hall. Although Rick loves landscapes and portraiture, he is drawn to life's humor and its abstraction, both of which often find their way into his photos. Rick works primarily in black and white, although he does use color when the subject calls for it. He explains his bias like this: "When the Andy Griffith show went to color, I just lost interest."

Getting married?

As a wedding photographer and as a Justice of the Peace (not usually at the same time, although that's happened), Rick has been involved in more than a few weddings, well over 100 and counting. Whether the ceremony is in the middle of Lake Candlewood or in the middle of a hospital room (yes, he's done those), Rick loves a good wedding. Give him a call or drop him a note about your upcoming event.


Besides the print, all you need is the foam core, the mat board, the glass, the nails, the glue, the Kraft paper, the framer's points, the miter saw, the circular sander, the vice, a hammer, a point shooter, a double sided tape gun, about a gallon of Windex, some other stuff and two hours. And voila! Your favorite photograph framed. It's good therapy besides. Ask Rick for prices.

For more information or just to talk, call or write:

6 Heritage Drive
Danbury, Connecticut 06811
(203) 743-2612
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